Educational web platform
 Micro - macro aspect approach



Humanum Lignum is an educational web platform that explains tree & human similarities with the help of short animations. The author has focused on the 3 most significant similarities: brain & roots, skin & bark and blood & water transportation.                                                   .

Although there are many more resemblances between trees and humans, for her project the author chose to use ones that are based on micro-macro approach that includes functional and visual comparison which gives a better understanding of how profound our connection with trees is.




The web platform is seeking to bring the awareness of tree (= Nature ) importance for the humanity. It also helps to relearn our kinship to trees and Nature as a whole. 

Besides that, Humanum Lignum is aimed to aspire humans to become more conscious of how they're treating Mother Nature. It's time for each of us to ask ourselves: being literally a part of Nature, who are we harming first and foremost when we do damage to the Nature?

The project's goal is to help us RELEARN how to live in a harmony with Nature and to be a part of it; to RECONNECT to our roots, to RETHINK our role and place in the natural environment.



‘’Humanum Lignum’’ is inspired by author’s passion for Nature, in particular by the uniqueness of trees. A great part of the project is influenced by the book '' The Hidden Life of Trees '' that reveals many of ‘’inner workings of trees’’ helping to see everything from different angle.
The author’s research was focused on learning how trees feel, communicate, what processes are happening inside of them as well as comparing and analyzing processes happening in the tree and human beings.