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Irene Antonez is Prague based designer, artist, and illustrator.

Despite getting her bachelors in industrial design, Irene always felt the need to express herself as an artist. She's been creating artworks in different countries and then continued her education with Masters in Future Design at Prague College in Prague. In the autumn of 2019, she had her first personal exhibition '' Lost in Nature '' where were presented her artworks, most of them, the result of her research of small and unique organisms under the microscope. 

Humanum Lignum is Irene's final project for Masters in Future Design. 

It represents in many ways her passion for Nature, education, biological art.


She's aiming to share this project with a bigger and wider audience to make humanity care about the natural environment,  reconnect to its own roots, rethink its role and place in Nature.

Project can be offered to museums, schools, educational platforms etc. 

as a part of a general education program in order to make one's understanding of the world around more conscious.

In the autumn of 2020 Irene was interviewed about the project by Tree Lady Talks podcast, listen to it HERE from the 106 : 21 min.